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Do I have to buy a whole pallet of stone?

No, most of the stone we carry is sold by weight, you can pick out what you want we’ll weight it and price out only what you’re taking.

Is it better to use a natural wall stone or a cut wall stone?

It does depend on what you’re building, a cut wall stone is best kept under a 4’ height and a natural wall stone is better for curves and a retaining wall. Cut wall is more of a block look while the natural stone is more irregular, so it all depends on where it’s going to be placed and what appearance you like better.

How much stone do I need to cover my patio area?

Flagstone coverage will depend on the thickness of the stone, for example 1”-1 ½” thick stone will cover 90 to 100 sq. ft. per ton, so it will rely on what material you select.

Is it better to use one type of stone over another?

We have various limestone, sandstone, dolomite, granite and quartzites. While some stones are harder or softer than others, everything we carry is a hard stone specifically for landscaping.

Where does your stone come from?

We get stone from quarries all over the country and the world. We have local stones from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, as well as from Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. We also get stone from out west including Missouri, Colorado, Utah and even Mexico. The furthest stone that we bring in comes all the way from India.

Do I have to pick it up or can you deliver?

We can load your vehicle if you’re getting a small amount. We also offer both a forklift delivery for pallets and a dump truck delivery for bulk material. The delivery charge is extra and will depend on what you get and where we’re taking it to.