Natural Step Tread Options

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Canyon Gray Natural Steps and Erosion Control Chunks
Canyon Gray Slabs
Chilton Outcropping
Pike County Gray Treads
Pike County Gray Treads
Rustic Buff Natural Step Treads
Southern Buff Step Tread
Tennessee Natural Step Treads
Southern Buff Natural Steps with Cobble Border

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Natural Step / Treads

Take height of incline in inches divided by thickness of step / tread to get correct number of step treads needed for specific job; note that less incline (% of slope) requires deeper bed depth for step treads.

Example: A slope (hill) which is 72 inches high (6 feet) would require 12 pieces of 6” step/ treads

(72 inches divided by 6 inches = 12 pieces)

Coverage may vary depending on field conditions & depth of stone used